Winner of the Speedrun Challenge

The winner of the $100 Steam Gift Card prize is DuzVR! Congratulations!  You were the fastest Stalker with a record of 19minutes and 56 seconds! We’ve sent you the details in an email.   Much love, and massive congratulations, The Bean Stalker Team  

Turning While Climbing Update

Christmas Event has come to its end. Thank you all for participating in the Bean Stalker Christmas Event and the Speed run Challenge! Results of the Challenge will be published in our Discord group on the 11th of January. You will still be able to use your collected Christmas exclusives and benefit from them, but […]

Multiplayer is coming soon…

Climbing with a team is more fun! Bean Stalker is constantly under development. Its next milestone will be the multiplayer launch in early 2022. Slaying enemies on the stalk in co-op teams is much more exciting. Teams will start each of the three levels from the treehouse and have to make progress together. Stay tuned […]

Christmas Event

Join us this winter to celebrate the holidays on Evergreen Stalks from the 22nd till the 10th of January!Traditional plants have been used for thousands of years and can be found at celebrations all around the world. Get into the Christmas spirit by joining our event, where you’ll get access to exclusive items, decorated beanstalks, and the Christmas […]

Bean Stalker Speedrun challenge

Win the $100 Steam Gift Card   Dear fellow Stalkers!   The holidays are here let’s celebrate it with a Christmas event and a Speedrun Competition too! The competition will start and end at the same time as the Christmas event (from 22nd December 2021 until 10th January 2022). Those calories from your holiday meals […]

Gun Shield Update

Dear Fellow Stalkers!   Thank you for your continuous support, and feedbacks. We are glad to announce that the Christmas update is coming soon!  But before releasing it, we would like to please you with an extra update, along with bug fixes and a new weapon in order to offer you a better gameplay experience! […]

Holy what?!??!

Server is blessed✅   Hi folks! During the last few months, we have been struggling with a bug that was stopping us from completing the Christmas Update. After working very hard on it for weeks, we still couldn’t seem to get it right. The deadline was getting closer by the minute and the situation was […]


Bean Stalker Now 35% Off In Biggest Discount Of The Year Bean Stalker is on sale until 20th December starting now!This is the biggest sale of our game this year with a massive 35% saving and is available on Steam VR including compatibility with the Oculus (meta) quest via air link. The game includes: – […]

Arctic Hotfix

Gameplay changes: Added Blizzard Hazard to Arctic (Developer notice: “Find a warm place as soon as possible!”). Fishing Net POI chest loot drop provides Arctic-specific loot. Falling Icicle damage was reduced by 30%. Snow ray gun damage increased. General Bugfixes Fixed saw blade launcher projectile collision. Fixed vulnerability of Arctic Boss’ tentacles. Golden Bean is […]

💚Thank you for your support!💚

Hello to our Awesome Community!     Thank you for supporting Bean Stalker! Because of your amazing support during the Steam Autumn Sale, we made it to the top 100 trending & new VR games. Stay tuned for new updates and sales for the holiday season!   Much love,The Bean Stalker Team