Who are we?

Join us this winter to celebrate the holidays on Evergreen Stalks from the 22nd till the 10th of January!
Traditional plants have been used for thousands of years and can be found at celebrations all around the world. Get into the Christmas spirit by joining our event, where you’ll get access to exclusive items, decorated beanstalks, and the Christmas Trophy!


To earn the Christmas Trophy, you’ll need to collect various ornaments, which you can do by:

  • defeating enemies wearing Santa’s caps,
  • opening gift packs on the hidden branches

The Christmas tree ornaments come in 3 colors: blue, red, and gold. 

Use them to craft new items and decorate the big Christmas tree in the Treehouse. These collected Christmas ornaments will remain in your treehouse after the event ends and you will be able to use them for crafting, but no more will be found.

Once the tree is decorated, you will get the Christmas Trophy. Get it by decorating the big Christmas tree in the middle of the Treehouse with:

  • 10 blues,
  • 10 reds
  • 10 gold Christmas tree ornaments.
  • Opponents in Santa Claus hats: Defeat them to earn the red Christmas tree ornaments.

Exclusive consumables during the festive season:

  • wide variety of cookies and sweets,
  • turkey legs,
  • gingerbread stalker with a blade slammer
  • and milk potion
  • These all give you some hp, some detox, and heat when consumed. Obtain them from gift packs, stockings, and extraction-instraction plates. These collected consumables will remain after the event ends but no more will be found.

Exclusive Weapons:

  • Festive Double Barrel Shotgun
  • Confetti magazine; Holy Hand Grenade.
  • These can be crafted from the Christmas tree ornaments collected from beanstalks.

Gift bags can be found:

  • on the branches of the tree
  • from the balloons

Unlock new Achievements:

  • Eat 10/50/100 Christmas food items
  • Get the Christmas Trophy
  • Secret achievement

Good luck with all your quests! We hope you’ll have lots of fun during this festive season.

See you on the beanstalks!

-The Bean Stalker Team