Bean Stalker Speedrun challenge

Win the $100 Steam Gift Card


Dear fellow Stalkers!

The holidays are here let’s celebrate it with a Christmas event and a Speedrun Competition too!

The competition will start and end at the same time as the Christmas event (from 22nd December 2021 until 10th January 2022). Those calories from your holiday meals will not burn themself and maybe they will be your biggest enemies so be prepared to do your best on the beanstalks.

Join the competition you will need to upload a video about your greatest, fastest run to any video-sharing site and send us its link to the
It does not need to be a Public video, it is okay if you change the video’s permission to “Anyone with the link can view it”.
After the event will arrive at its end we are going to notify the winners via email and we would like to share their videos as a montage – if we will get their permission for that – so keep them safe.


– You have to start it with a clean profile (so obviously you won’t have unlocked levels and recipes and you could use only those resources which you have collected in that run);

– The run starts when you first load into the Tropical instraction and ends when you are going to grab the first Golden Bean.



1st place

– $100 Steam Gift Card

2nd place

– 3 x Steam Key for Bean Stalker

3rd place

– 2 x Steam Key for Bean Stalker

If you are going to win keys, you will be able to send them to your friends then you can play together when the multiplayer is going to be released in the early Spring of 2022.

Meet you on the beanstalks! 🤜 🤛 🌱

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