Slaying enemies on the Beanstalks is much easier when you have friends by your side. 

Multiplayer Beta


A real VR game for real VR gamers. Recruit your team to go on an extraordinary vertical adventure.


We’ve created this game mode to be comfortable for up to 4 players.
If you start your progress in single player mode, you’ll be able to continue in multiplayer.

Your questline, items, unlocked recipes and level progression will be synchronised.

You don’t need to wait for someone to keep going, because we don’t limit your progression based on how many of your friends could play.


The match making system allows players with no play partners to still enjoy a multiplayer experience. Players can create public rooms so anyone can join them to stalk some beans.

You can also create a private party for your fellow Stalkers and lock it with a PIN so no one will join your session without your permission.

(voice chats/emotes)

To protect your privacy, we’ve implemented an in-game voice chat. You won’t need to use a third party app or add players to your friend list to communicate.

The in-game voice chat allows you to adjust other players’ volume, mute them or just simply decide not to join if you’re not feeling chatty.

You can also use the game’s newly implemented hand gestures to communicate in-game, or play rock-paper-scissors with your teammates!


Have you ever had a friend who just started a game you already had hundreds of hours in it, so you couldn’t play because of the huge progression difference?

We found a solution to this common problem.

When one of your rookie friends joins to play with you, you will be able to boost your mate by temporarily taking a few of your items and giving it to them while you are both on the stalks.

If you are the rookie player and you are out of ammo, don’t worry: your teammates can spare some magazines for you or you can borrow some tools and weapons from them.


What’s a multiplayer without character customization?  Okay, it could still be a good game, but we thought it’s supposed to be an essential part of the experience to express yourself through multiple character variations, so here we are…

We give you more than 16 000 variations to show how unique you are.

Have fun!