Who are we?

Gameplay changes:

  • Added recoil to the ranged weapons.
  • Pause menu reworked.
  • Added volume settings to the pause menu.
  • Added smooth/snap turn as an option to the pause menu.
  • Quest board layout update.
  • “Unlock A Legendary Locker” quest has been removed from Main Questline.

Tutorial changes:

  • Crafting tutorial recipe scroll grab position fixed.
  • Interaction tutorial boards are set lower.


Minor bugFixes:

  • Desert sandstorm effects have a smooth transition now.
  • Beehive quest fixed.
  • Tropical too loud wind sound fixed.
  • Quests are more readable on your left arm now.
  • Highlight resources/tools fixed.


Enemy changes:

  • Explosive cactus damage fixed.
  • Desert flying enemies movement fixed.
  • Toxic spider’s sound fixed.
  • Tumbleweed’s sound fixed.