Who are we?



As the air begins to chill and the nights become longer, our beloved trees become creepier. In these singularly dark hours, new enemies arise on the beanstalks. They appear first at HalloBean.
Across the globe, rumors of dangerous forests and trees have popped up suggesting that the woods are haunted by incidents of years past. Some trees are said to be haunted by ghosts roaming the woods at night.
Greetings Stalkers! Our first Halloween Event starts today! From now until November 2, you’ll have the chance to get an exclusive Trophy and a few other naughty treats. For that, you’ll need to collect various candies, which you can do by:  
  • Defeating HalloBean enemies,
  • Climbing on hidden branches,
  • Solving challenges,
  • Crafting advanced weapons.

On the haunted trees, where rituals were once held, in order to treat the scared stalkers, we offer various candies to help your way;

  • Blue candy: Heals 3 points of health.
  • Red candy: Removes 5 points of toxin.
  • Yellow candy: Grants you 5 seconds of invulnerability.
And the chance to complete new exclusive Steam achievements.


Fall might be full of color, but when night falls, the forest can be a scary place. Dark trees, eerie sounds, and a cold that takes your breath away.

So take care and happy stalkings! 





New boss rewards:

Each boss provides a unique upgrade. After complaints about the limited inventory space, we came up with a solution. By completing the first boss, you will get 2 extra resource slots transforming your inventory layout from 2×5 to 3×4. For the second boss, you will get an extra tool slot bringing you to a total of 12 resources and 3 tool slots. These upgrades work retroactively, meaning that if you have already defeated the bosses, you will get the inventory upgrades right away. We are also planning on expanding the inventory with future bosses.


Book changes:

Now, when unlocking a new book page, it will be shown immediately in the Book of Crafts.
A bookmarker is now displayed on locked or freshly unlocked pages.
Save system changes:
The items will be saved by their IDs instead of their names (for name-changing reasons that might come up later).

Gameplay changes:

The health bar is now pulsing with gold and silver colors while the player is invincible. The current health is shown with gold and the remaining time from invincibility is displayed with an emissive overlay.
The player can heal themselves during invincibility.


Major bugfixes:

Fixed a bug that made certain desert levels generate only one branch.
Fixed a bug that made certain items not drop the correct loot.


Minor bug fixes:

Grenade launchers now have a more consistent launch speed.
Grenades now behave as intended on all surfaces.
Grenades don’t interact with invisible colliders anymore.
Killing beehives are now counted in daily quests.
Sandstorm is now more audible.
The toxic display now tracks the effect with more accuracy. (Previously, the toxic effect could get much higher than what the display could track.)
Golden Cactus now has proper colliders.
Now the door handle of the Treehouse works with distance grab.
The stronger snitches spawning from the snitch hive were replaced with regular ones.
Item scanner and ammo requester now have proper scales on extraction points.
Cactus on the stick and expandable sword grab position adjusted for more comfortable use.
Ore holders on the Floating Islands now contain ores.
The floating stones around the Floating Islands now have proper load settings.