Who are we?

Dear Fellow Stalkers!
Thank you for your continuous support and feedbacks. We are glad to announce that the Christmas update is coming soon!
We would like to gift you with an extra update, along with bug fixes and a new weapon in order to offer you a better gameplay experience while you wait.

New weapon: The Gun Shield

The Arctic stalk is considered one of the most dangerous regions to explore, and for good reason. Extra protection or firepower always comes in handy: the new Gun Shield pack offers both.
This unique hybrid was designed to allow players to attack their foes while being shielded from their attacks. The shotgun charge in the middle of the shield packs a powerful blast that can shred any enemy that dares to come close enough, but loses most of its strength at a distance. Last but not least the shield part can collapse into a compact form for a better fit.
Try it out after unlocking the Arctic stalk!
We hope you will enjoy using it as much as we enjoyed creating it for you!


  • Added a new weapon, the Gun Shield.
  • Added Cyrillic support to the Twitch chat integration.
  • Replaced new texture to the Ice Pistol and its Magazine.
  • Disabled the Twitch poll temporarily. It is going to be enabled in the next update with new features.


  • Loots in chests are distributed more evenly on the Arctic level.
  • The desert towers’ detection range is shorter now.
  • Limited the amount of damage that you can deal with the Tropical boss, as the poor sod was way too easy to kill by using grenades.

Arctic fixes:

  • Fixed the blizzard messing up the players’ movement.
  • Fixed the heat drink looted from the chests, so it would not damage you when you drink.
  • Golden Bean dropped by the Arctic Boss has been relocated, as it was hard to reach.
  • You can no longer damage the Arctic Boss by just killing the little tentacles while the Boss is frozen.
  • Fixed the colliders around the eyes, climbing should be more comfortable now.
  • Fixed the missing texture on the instraction point.
  • Fixed the LOD on several arctic objects.
  • Fixed the missing highlights for every item and resource.
  • Removed the exploding flower temporarily.
  • Removed the ‘Kill an Explosive Flower’ daily quest.

Desert fixes:

  • Fixed the arrival to the tree, as sometimes players would arrive at random locations on the branches.
  • Fixed the ammo chest’s destination choosing logic, as sometimes it arrived to a different extraction point.
  • Fixed the extraction zip line: sometimes it was in the branches so it was impossible to reach and extract.
  • Fixed the puzzle on the Desert Challenge Island-
  • Fixed the LOD objects for the snitch hive and the golden cactus.
  • Fixed the size of the foliage on the Desert Challenge Island.

Tropical fixes:

  • Fixed the derringer’s reload animation glitch.
  • Fixed the visual of a few stones on the Complex Tropical Floating Island.
  • Fixed the visual of the airdrop and instraction’s chest.
  • Fixed the size of the foliage on the Complex Tropical Floating Island.
  • Fixed the beehive alert sound, which had not played every time.

Tutorial fixes:

  • Fixed that now you can’t soft-lock yourself by stacking all the resources from the branches before you have to put them into your inventory in the Climbing tutorial.
  • Fixed that your grappling hook could be levitating far from you in a specific falling scenario in the Climbing tutorial.
  • Fixed the ore sizes in the Climbing tutorial.

General fixes:

  • Fixed broken controller support for HTC Vive Cosmos.
  • We fixed several places where you could clip into before.
  • The long sword spawns into the correct position after it has been crafted.
  • Fixed the colliders around the crafting table.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the map selector to display a white screen on the pane.
  • The music volume settings are persistent now.
  • The music volume had been reset on every previous loading.
  • Removed the jump sound, which has been deemed annoying.
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Bean Stalker Team!