Who are we?

Ours was Jack and the Beanstalk…
… so, when we got together, it was no question that we would make on Jack’s adventure with the magic beans – the story that helped us develop our imagination when we were kids. It’s a huge honor for us to drop the Early Access release of the game around the 167th birthday of Joseph Jacob, the famous author of Jack and the Beanstalk.

Joseph Jacob rewrote the original in his book English Fairy Tales (1890). His version is the most commonly printed today and it’s also believed to be closer and more authentic to the oral version than Tabart’s due to its lack of moralization. ( Read more on

We hope not only to make a kick*ss VR game but to also set up a world worthy of this great story, a tale that millions of kids still love and get inspired by when their moms read it to them at bedtime.