ClimB - CrafT - FIGHT

VR exploration in a way you HAVE never experienced before

Brace yourself for a brand new adventure in this strange world

Reap valuable resources around every branch and sprout that you climb and use them to overcome the fiercest challenges of the stalk. Beware of the creatures on the top; they have already fought their way to the highest branches for the sweetest of saps.
Do not hesitate to leave the stalk and save your life, you can always come back with better equipment and be ever more ready to defeat the foes blocking your path to the top where you will face the spirit of the tree.

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The Blade Slammer makes you become more than a new hunter of this new world.

As a stalker, you need to hunt creatures and adapt to a new way of vertical life. You need to evolve, create and develop to be the most skilled Stalker.

The beanstalk, with its branches reaching up to the sky, provides a link between Earth and the Upperworld. The beanstalks have risen on every continent and in every climate from the Underworld, opening floodgates for an endless horde of creatures descending from the sky and crawling out of the depths.

Be the stalker...

… of this new realm in an exploration-driven, random world of challenges: craft, create, fight and wander in the setting of an exciting vertical world of beanstalks.

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September 2021
Early Access Release


First week of October 2021
Free Demo Available on Steam

We are publishing an epic demo for Steam. Explore, craft, fight in the magical world on the beanstalks from a slightly advanced level.

From Oct 28 to Nov 8
Halloween Event

Get in a spooky spirit, fight against brand new creatures for some cheeky scares.

November 2021
Arctic level Content Update

The third environment is introducing! Explore the Frozen wasteland.

December 2021
Christmas Event

Prepare yourselves for a heartwarming environment and winter achievements on the beanstalks.

February 2022
Multiplayer Beta Release

Register for your chance to play with the Multiplayer version of the Bean Stalker and explore the branches together.

March 2022
Multiplayer Game Mode Launch!

Get your squad hyped! Enter the fight together and gain valuable resources.

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