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Bean Stalker is a climbing action-adventure game. As a Stalker, you need to craft, loot and fight endless hordes of enemies to finally defeat the greatest one: the spirit of the tree. All of this in a procedurally generated environment with a touch of steampunk style.



If you wish you can start alone, or you can recruit a team to go on an extraordinary VR adventure! Discover worlds, hunt creatures, craft weapons and tools to become the best stalker of all!


Exciting news: the third Stalk is now available as a free update! The Arctic level update adds even more content from additional weapons to new enemies, puzzles and a mighty boss. We implemented a unique temperature system and a brand new environment.


Every time you put on your headset, the realm of the beanstalk will be different. The game includes procedurally-generated random vertical worlds with immense verticality, sandbox-like elements and constantly changing quests and challenges.


Use your Blade Slammer not only for face-to-face fights but to wander around the branches and reach the top. Experience the feeling of real climbing with the unique vertical platform elements, from the comfort of your own room.