Who are we?

Bean Stalker is available now on Steam.

For more information visit the official Bean Stalker’s Discord channel.
Our team has been developing the Bean Stalker since 2019, so release day is definitely a historical day in all of our lives.
Bean Stalker is releasing in Early Access because the game already provides a complete experience, but lacks some final touches and can be expanded with further content updates. Our aim is to expand and reach the fullest potential of Bean Stalker with the help of our community’s feedback. We want our players to have an impact on the final game, by engaging them in conversation.
The plan is to leave Early Access within a year.
The current version of Bean Stalker contains 2 different procedurally generated worlds, each with its own unique set of tools and challenges. To the full version, we will add more content, at least one new world, longer playtime, and a multiplayer mode.
Everything is already prepared for the following updates; the multiplayer framework is in place and the design is planned out for the new world. What we still have to do is test the designs in order to achieve the best VR experience imaginable.
Working with player feedback is one of the main reasons why we provide Early Access. Since we are working with a small team, community feedback will be needed to reach the fullest potential of our game.

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