Who are we?

Gameplay changes:

  • Added Blizzard Hazard to Arctic (Developer notice: “Find a warm place as soon as possible!”).
  • Fishing Net POI chest loot drop provides Arctic-specific loot.
  • Falling Icicle damage was reduced by 30%.
  • Snow ray gun damage increased.

General Bugfixes

  • Fixed saw blade launcher projectile collision.
  • Fixed vulnerability of Arctic Boss’ tentacles.
  • Golden Bean is easily grabbable now, after defeating Arctic Boss.
  • Fixed treehouse items position in the lockers.
  • Fixed Rotary Crossbow ice magazine texture.
  • Fixed damage of Big Snowball to the player.
  • Fixed cold visual effect of Ice Flower.
  • Fixed Arctic balloon spawner positions.
  • Fixed enemy hit effect flashing inconsistently.
  • Fixed Ice Pistol spawn stack size.


  • Optimized sound effects when fighting against the Arctic Boss.
  • Fixed Fljúga’s flying sound keeps playing after death.
  • Added Memory Island opening chamber sound.
  • Added new sound effects to player jump.
  • Added chest opening sound effects.
  • Added sound effects to Falling Icicle.
  • Added a new attack sound effect to Ugla.